Think social media can only give you a peek into what your favorite celebrity, or for sharing memes?  Well, you’ve undermined the power of social media. Dripp global uses the foundations on which such platforms are built ‘connecting people’ to offer a wide horizon of solutions ranging from Digital Hygiene to Influencer Marketing. This will aid your business to flourish let alone having a well-polished social media presence. Our team is highly experienced in running campaigns that involve targeting, strategizing, and executing the process with precision and prompt adaptability to market changes.

The services we offer under Social Media Solutions are :

Digital Hygiene : Overall Assessment | Resource, Posting | Content | Schedule

Platform Strategy : Objective | Requirements | Promotions | Data optimization

Online Reputation Management: Maintenance | Content Uniformity

Campaign: Targeting | Content Strategy | Execution Process | Analysis/ Learning

Influencer Marketing: Fashion |Fitness | Cosmetics | Lifestyle | Commercial Products