“Communication happens when customer meets the brand”

Every company that has risen to the top has been able to do so by showcasing its brand, a unique identification for its service or the good it sells. Consumers constantly meet the brand through advertising, editorial mentions, sponsorships etc,. but how often do you think they notice them? That’s where brand communication is cued in!

Brand communication, an integral part of brand management, is exercised by companies to inform, persuade, and in a nutshell, open the doors for the world to interact with them. This is done by exploring various strategies and picking the right channels of communication. The brand plays a vital role by integrating the stakeholders of the company – be it customers, sponsors, investors or employees.

Why brand communication you ask?

1.     It will have an impact on the customers and increase their affinity towards the brand

2.    It builds loyalty in the minds of customers and the name of the brand gets heard through word of mouth

3.  It develops the way the market views one’s company

‘Communication happens when customer meets the brand’ and Dripp Global is here just for that!

The services we offer:

Logo Creation: idea | Colour palette | Brand Language | Design

Branding : Brand Tone | Voice | Target Analysis | Imagery | Adaptations

Positioning: Market Analysis | Name | Colour & Design Positioning | Collaboration

Packaging and Design : Fashion & Lifestyle products | Commercial Products | Tech products

Stationary Designs : Pen | Letterhead | Social Media | T-shirt & Apparel Design